iMPC 2 Pro for iPhone

Sampling, Chopping, and Pasting like DJ Premier

Posted by Sponge K. on September 1, 2019

Imitating legendary hardware sampler MPC

I bought "AKAI iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone". It is a sampler software to make HipHop , etc. musics.

AKAI had released original "iMPC for iPhone" much before, and I tried it but could not enjoy playing without enough knowledge of sampling.

Those "iMPC-series-software" are, of course, basically immigrating AKAI's legend of hardware sampler: AKAI MPC.

Why I stick to MPC is DJ Premier's music video: "Classic" in which he uses MPC60 nicely.

You can also refer MPC from Wiki below.

Spotify connection for sampling your favorite musics.

New function of Pro 2 is Spotify connection. It is quite important for beginners of sampling, who do not have much music source at hand.

I have Spotify premium membership, therefore the function motivated me to click purchase button.

And some free sound packs can be downloaded via iApp: AudioCopy, too.

iMPC UNIVERSITY: Tutorial and guide for dummies

AKAI prepares internal app tutorial named "iMPC UNIVERSITY". It is 11-days step-by-step tutorial of its operation starting from "Welcome to iMPC U" and followed by "iMPC Pro 2 Sound Packs", Sampling, Chopping, Recording and Timeline, Audio Tracks, Audio Unit Tracks, Tracks and Mixing, How to Make a Song, Youtube Sharing, and Graduation Day.

Duration of each lesson is within 10-20 mins including assignment. And just 1 new session is prevailed every day. I just finished 2nd day session, so I am not sure I can get enough operation skill to make my tracks and songs at this moment...

I will add my daily progress below.

Day3: Sampling

Posted on September 2, 2019

Connect to Spotify -> Smapling "You Spin Me around" by DEAD OR ALIVE -> Trimming -> Chopping -> Slicing -> Playing around

iMPC Spotify Connection

Pitbull, Daft Punk, etc...

Day4: Chopping

I digged Spotify and found 2 songs for Sampling and Chopping, yesterday.
"Dance the Kung Fu" by CARL DOUGLAS

A problem I found on this experiment was that iMPC 2 Pro CANNOT allow to sample anywhere of the music, you like to cut off.

30 secs is the maximum length of sampling. ->Acceptable


CANNOT select any part of the music. It only allows a RANDOM 30 sec.->Not Acceptable

A RANDOM selection of playlists from Spotify appear, not all playlists shown.->Inconvenient

Because of those specifications, I could not sample introduction: head-30-secs of "Iron Man"...

Day5: Recording and Timeline

Sometimes my sampling and chopping sound wad not assigned to proper pad. Once I assigned, but after saving and reopening the same project, assigned sound turned back to previous one. Is this cause of bug or my mis-operation?

Day6: Audio Tracks

I am gradually getting familiar with the app's layout and understand the fcunctions. While I feel some kind of limitation of this production system. iPhone app is still on the way to complete system. I know it must be different from desktop software, though. Anyway I love to use this handy device: iPhone, and replace the work from PC.

Day7: Audio Unit Tracks

I had progress to Day7, but still have many questions and cannot control the app freely. I am browsing around online manual and make sure one by one.

iMPC 2 pro docs