GarageBand DRUMMER, Part1

Skilled drummers want to play with your GarageBand!

Posted by Sponge K. on October 22, 2019

What is DRUMMER of GarageBand?

GarageBand DRUMMER

I wrote the first article of GarageBand for iOS in previous post. In this post we focus on DRUMMER, which can Create beats and fills using a virtual session drummer.

DRUMMER and DRUMS are different functions on GarageBand. DRUMMERS is a kind of autoplay function by selecting a name of drummer from the list and tuning some settings for reflecting your preference.

While DRUMS is a part of instruments same as KEYBOARD, STRINGS, BASS, GUITAR, and WORLD instruments.

GarageBand Instruments

How to play DRUMMER on GarageBand

Apple provides a good User Guide. It is simple and helps you to understand the overview of the function before using it.

Official User Guide Use Drummer in GarageBand for iPhone

  1. Start DRUMMER

Start "GarageBand" and create New Song. Slide to show DRUMMER. Select "TRACKS" to show the menu below.

GarageBand DRUMMER

If the song is not new and added 2 tracks of DRUMMERs, the menu is shown in gray color like below.

And the message Two Drummer tracks have already been added to your song. is shown on the menu.

GarageBand DRUMMER gray-out

Maximum number of DRUMMER is "2".

  1. Select DRUMMER

There are 2 main genres categorizing drummers. All drummers belong to either "Acoustic" or "Electronic".

If you select Acoustic/Electronic from the page, drummer is assigned automatically. Default drummer of Acoustic is "Kyle", and default drummer of Electronic is "Leah".

GarageBand DRUMMER

If you tap "More Drummers", a list of all drummers is shown.

Select Acoustic/Electronic in the left side, then drummers under genres are listed in the right side. You can select one from the list.

Acoustic Drummers
acoustic drummer

Electric Drummers
electronic drummer

You can add more drummers by installing additional sound pack. Tap Get more Drummer sounds to move Sound Library.

Add drummers

Select and tap Drammer Pack. A Drammer Pack includes several Drammers, Drum kits, and Loop sounds.

Add drummers

After installing 4 additional drummer packs below... (All are Free!)

Added 4 drummer packs

New genre : Percussion was added. And 3 new Percussionists are shown under it.

3 genres of drummer

3 genres of drummer

Now we can select 2 drummers from 3 genres listed below.

Main Genre: Acoustic

Class.1Class.2Name of Drummer
RockPop RockKyle
Retro Rock Logan
Hard Rock Anders
SongwriterPop SongwriterDarcy
Roots Songwriter Mason
Funky Songwriter Levi
Experimental SongwriterGraham
60's Songwriter Parker
AlternativeIndie DiscoNikki
Indie RockGavin
R&BModern R&BRose
Neo SoulCurtis
Modern MotownBenny

Main Genre: Electronic

Class.1Class.2Name of Drummer
ElectronicBig Room EDMMagnus
Tech HouseLeah
Hip HopBoom BapMaurice

Main Genre: Percussion

Class.1Class.2Name of Drummer
-Latin PercussionIsabela
- Pop PercussionQuincy
-Songwriter PercussionFinn


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