Track-making with DM1.

Posted by Sponge K. on August 8, 2019

Start from 9 Tracks

DM1, App for iOS, is Drum Machine with 9 tracks: Kick, Snare, HHClosed, HHOpen, Clap, Rimshot, Cowbell, Tom, Cymbal.

Vintage Sound Sources

There are variety of sound sources from vintage synthesizers, as it says...

Check our 99 electronic drum kits. 28 classic vintage drum kits plus 71 in-house produced electronic kits, edited and mastered at Fingerlab professional studio.

Cited from DM1

Listed below are some of my favorites...

  • Roland
    TR-808, TR-606, TR-909 (80's)
    CR-78 (1978)
  • Korg
    Mini Pops (Late 60's)
  • Electro Harmonics
    DRM 15 (1982)
  • Akai
    MPC 2000XL (1999)

And in additional paid Vintage-Pack, there is...

  • Korg
    MR-16 (1985)

How many patterns DM1 can generate?

DM1 has 2 modes 16-Beats & 32-Beats. So we can calculate number of patterns.

In case of 16-Beats;

216 = 65,536

In case of 32-Beats;

232 = 4,294,967,296 (= 4.3billion)

And DM1 has 9 tracks, so combination of patterns is...

In case of 16-Beats;

216*9 = 2144 = 2.2300745e+43

In case of 32-Beats;

232*9 = 2288 = 4.9732324e+86

→∞ :Infinite!

Beat pattern is NOT all. There are many more varibles: Sound- Source, Sound-Effect, Tempo, etc.

It is worth thinking. There is still uncultivated field and infinite possibility. We have a chance to be a track maker with DM1.

Post to SoundCloud.

Finally post your tracks to SoundCloud. You will post your original musics regularly and establish your personal label on it. It is the future of music industry. Let's start!


Coding DM1's Score