Sound Geo

This is what I do.

I am Sponge K., author of "Sound Geo" living in Japan. I've been excited to learn computer and write codes for more than 20 years.

I owned my first Laptop in my university age. It was "NEC PC-9821ne2".

My 1st Machine: NEC PC-9821ne2
Image cited from https://www.inversenet.co.jp

Next, I had Windows95 Desktop PC, "Compaq Presario 7240".

Compaq Presario 7240
My 2nd Machine: Compaq Presario 7240
Image cited from https://www.worthpoint.com

Then I started DIY and built many PCs, with Windows NT4.0, 98, 2000, XP, and many Linux distributions. After making many PCs for 5years, I felt tired to maintain those, and came back to laptop again. I bought "Panasonic Let's note CF-Y7AWDBJR (Windows Vista Business)", "DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z (Windows7->Ubuntu)". And now I have been using "Lenovo T470s (Windows10)" from year 2018.

Let's note CF-Y7AWDBJR
Let's note CF-Y7AWDBJR
Image cited from Panasonic

DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z
DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z

Lenovo T470s
Lenovo T470s
Image cited from https://www.lenovo.com

To be honest last several years, I focused on smart devices and those Apps. DJaying with iPhone apps, ”djay2”, ”djay pro” was great fun and memorable experience for me. So, I committed to research music application and sound environment. That is why I started"Sound Geo".

Basically the site is for hobbyists. I will post technical and cultural topics. Thank you for visiting!

My Interests:
programming, sound, music, geology, space, blogging, gaming, DJ, API-economy

Programming Languages & Dev. Tools:
ASP, PHP, JSP&Servlet, SQL, Apache&Tomcat, Java script, MySQL, Navicat, JSP&Servlet